Sunday, July 6, 2014

le Tour deFleece

i decided to do the tour this year. for me, it's how i really got started producing fiber, concentrating on spinning and starting my blog. that's how the original tour ran. you posted on your blog daily and kept up with all the other spinners by checking their posts. it started me on a path of journaling my fiber with all the mis-haps, adventures, friends and fun.
for this year's challenge, i'm keeping it simple. i will spin every day. i can see some of you laughing at that.... you always see me spinning. while i usually do, i'm committed to doing it every day of the tour. my second challenge is to spin on each of my wheels.
my hansen has been getting the majority of my time. it travels on this tray everywhere. seriously. i had it at the lake on the 4th, poolside, kitchen counter and last night at starbucks. my friend invited me to meet her and knit. since it's all about the tour, i took the wheel. she was laughing at me when i showed up with this, but it's really perfect. i can chat, stay focused on the conversation and still get that bobbin filled. notice that i'm spinning yellow in honor of the tour. i plan to wear that jersey every day!
i've got some interesting projects that i've been bouncing around in my brain that i'm going to accomplish in the next three weeks. i'll keep up with the blogging, maybe even posting daily. now wouldn't that be an accomplishment!

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thecrazysheeplady said...

I love spinning on my Hansen. Love your tray - great idea! Enjoy the Tour!!!