Friday, February 21, 2014

valentine's love

i have several knitting projects going on, and i like to balance them out. i've got a lace project that requires attention, face clothes that are easy to carry about, and recently another garment. i have made fred's jazz vest several times, all with awesome success. when i was on a rampage searching for yarn to make a cowl, i discovered the vest yarn. i had purchased it, packed it all together with the pattern and put it aside. i soon had cast on, and just couldn't put it down. as valentine's day approached, i realized that i could get this baby done and wrapped.

it turned out better than i had hoped! i added a dash of color to the neckband, matching it to the stripe. the color is hard to see, but there is dark green and navy blue in them both.

is that good or what! perfect fit and special gift all in one.

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