Wednesday, February 12, 2014

small gift

     have you ever had that person who just seemed to always help you out? i'm talking about bank teller, grocery clerk, rink manager........ the one that can answer any question, point you in the right direction, offer suggestions that just make things easier! they are everywhere, and even though i express my thanks, the time comes when i just need to step it up.
my someone is the local postmaster. i've had mail issues over the years, and who hasn't? incorrect postage, not packed well, need confirmation for delivery..... the list is endless. my gal has always greeted each and every request with a smile. if we have to debate the merits of stamp colors... she is always ready and willing. she will find me the most cost efficient way to send anything, anywhere.
earlier this year, we were chatting about the weather. it's darn awful cold living here (my thermometer told me it was -4 at 8:00am) and instead of crabbing about it, we compared the best insulated tights, where to get great gloves and what outdoor stuff we did to keep the blood flowing. i discovered that we share the same 'ism' of cold neck. i hate to have the back of my neck exposed to any kind of chill and she has the same issue. as i headed home, the light bulb went off and i knew that i needed to knit her a cowl. just a little something.     can you see where this is going....
i found a pattern and knit one as a test. this was some handspun that was left over from another project and i was thrilled with how it knit.okay, got a pattern, now need some yarn.  totes were opened, bins upended in my fervor to find the right yarn. i wanted purple, and it had to be really soft.

cast this one on and realized that the color was perfect, but the softness was lacking.
super soft, but too blue. and it is bright, knock your socks off bright. i wanted to thank her, not blind her! i started to feel like goldilocks..... searching for perfection. before you wonder, yes, i did consider giving her my test cowl. but there were imperfections in the yarn and construction that i couldn't let go. finally, at the bottom of a box i found it. handspun....
so soft, it makes your hands cry. the perfect color.... purple with flecks of gold. it knit up quickly ( love, love love this pattern: braided vine cowl ) i may do a few more just to have in the gift basket.
i wrapped it up and took it to her yesterday....


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Linda Monroe said...

Love this. You go girl... spread kindess where you go..... the world needs more people like you in it.