Sunday, December 29, 2013

the fiber ladies

the holiday is passing with still a bit more celebrating to go here. my family gathers just after the new year to have our family christmas. with so many grown with families ( and extended) families of their own, we choose to wait a bit to get everyone together. i completed an awesome craft ( outdid myself ) and will soon be able to show the completed item.
earlier this year, my dear joan became a grandma for the first time. as soon as we heard the news, we got busy creating all sorts of goodness for the babe. i started on a baby blanket making jag that lasted for several months, with this babies being my favorite. we only saw pictures for so long, and were thrilled that she was coming to grandma's for christmas. friday, we headed off to buffalo to meet miss molly!
she is a keeper! bright, cheerful and full of smiles. she happily modeled her 'not-a-hat-sweater' and her watermelon hat. slightly out of season, it still was adorable. her mom and dad were generous with their appreciation for all 'the fiber ladies' did. i imagine that there will be more heading her way.

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