Tuesday, December 10, 2013

christmas on the farm

the first annual christmas on the farm hosted by amythefibergoddess was lovely! the weather was perfect, chilly and clear, so folks could easily get out and feel festive. the first shoppers arrived just before ten, and then it was a steady stream until the end.
sweet ornaments, delicious handmade jelly, stylish jewelry and lots of fiber to be had. i chatted with old, old friends, new friends, co-workers, it was a diverse group of shoppers.
i loved seeing all the yarn that i helped paint all pretty on display.... waiting for a wonderful new home and project.
these fellows were my favorite and they all went to homes before i could capture one.

the many sheep bodies that i stitched and stuffed were beautifully finished by amy's hands. that gal certainly has a vision and the skill to execute it! my family had seen all the carcase's in various stages and just could not grasp how wickedly cute they would be.
i'm hopeful that she will have a 'second-annual' event next year. i'll be smart and get my stuff sooner ;)

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