Saturday, December 21, 2013


i've been busy finishing up all those things that need to be finished at this time of year. in some ways, it snuck up on me. then, i realized that i was ahead of the curve with others. holiday gifts? done and wrapped! cookies?

well, they're baked and waiting for frosting. still one more batch to mix... my mom's extra special ( and labor intensive) date cookies. i took these over a few years ago when she just couldn't do it anymore. this year, they will be especially special!
the gingerbread houses are ready for delivery. unfortunately it is pouring rain. umbrella's will be needed... in december.....after a week of snow!
i did make some time for fiber. i dyed a fleece with sandy in july and set it aside.
 i pulled it out this week and started combing some locks...
and because i couldn't stand the suspense, i spun some
love it! it is beyond time consuming. i've started combing a handful after dinner and when i get a nice pile i'll spin it up. some day..... it may be yarn.

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thecrazysheeplady said...

What wonderful gingerbread houses! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :-D.