Saturday, October 6, 2012

picker magic

my dear fiber friend joan made her way over to play with the picker. i love the picker. i want the picker. i'm so lucky that amythefibergoddess lets me carry on this love affair with her picker!
it seems that joan is joining me in the 'picker love'. from all our dyeing adventures this summer, she had several batches that, well, got a bit felt-ie. i highly technical term for fiber that she just kept messing with during the dyeing process that got matted. it is so tempting to want to touch the fiber, stir the fiber, fondle the fiber when it is drenched in all that color. the problem is that hot fiber will get... felt-ie. hence the picker. see how it comes out all fluffy and loose? perfect to card when it's like that. we chatted and picked and soon she had..... (here it comes...) three bags full :)
all lofty and ready to put through her drum carder. i love the picker!!

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Diane said...

I'm quite fond of my picker, "Spike". I also have "Junior", the box picker.