Saturday, September 29, 2012

follow the pattern

i was on the hunt for some yarn, and that turned into a huge cleaning frenzy. i up-ended baskets, bags, bins sorting everything into proper groups.... tossing away bits and nasty stuff.... i was ruthless. in the process i stumbled across a partial sock, on a holder with no pattern in sight. sigh. this is really not like me at all! i ripped it out, balled it up and set it on the counter. i felt sad that this yarn and project just languished. i kept looking at it, moving it out of my way and finally decided to measure how much yarn there was. then i hunted for a pattern. i didn't go far when i realized that i was going to make another 198 yds of heaven. it seems that this has become my 'go-to' shawl knit. i've made it twice in handspun modifying the directions to create a larger shawl/wrap. this time i had just enough to actually follow the pattern and make it the way the designer intended.
it was lovely, but very small. i used up all the yarn (see that little bit left). i put it on my trusty blocker and then it looked like this.....
lovely, but still petite. soon, anyone that walked past it asked 'what happened to this one?' when the residents of the house start commenting on the project, it starts to give you pause.
then i put it on.......

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