Friday, October 26, 2012

rhinebeck 2012

for various reason there were only three of us making our way to the NYS sheep and wool festival that is rhinebeck. i was looking more forward to this event than i can say. it didn't matter what the weather would hold, how many of my fellow fiber lovers made it, i was filled with excitement and anticipation to be there. we left on friday with the ~woodbury commons~ outlet mall our initial destination. sandy needed a winter coat from eddie bauer and i needed to see the vera bradley outlet. don't know if it was the rain or time of day, but it was quiet.... perfect shopping. we were decisive ( and lucky) and were headed to dinner by five.
we treated ourselves well. after a yummy dinner, we retired to our hotel room to enjoy a lovely Riesling and watch sandy ply yarn (it is a fiber trip after all)
saturday dawned foggy and warm. we were on the road early to arrive at the festival by nine. we got right in and headed immediately to the spots that we knew would be crowded later.....
socks that rock yarn in ochroid for the color affection wrap that i am going to make. the sun was lovely, the breezes warm and the fiber-vibe amazing!
cc needed some tools for her wheel, so she and i were off while sandy visited her pottery provider. low and behold, mr. ashford was visiting all the vendors who sell their product. he was charming and happily agreed to a photo with cc .....
while i was waiting, i found myself fondling fiber in another booth. 4 oz of merino roving came home with me ;)
even though i expect it, the crowds do become oppressive. we found ourselves going through barns and not being able to make our way into booths. we called it a day at 3:30, on the road to home.
cc and i realized that this was our sixth rhinebeck visit. the appeal keeps growing.... i can't wait til next year!

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Erin said...

You girls look like you had so much fun! I miss you all; Sam says hello!