Tuesday, October 30, 2012


i arrived home from rhinebeck to find an email from a gal who raises lincoln sheep. emily recently moved to the area from rhode island with her flock of black lincoln's. she raises them to show, sheering twice a year and that saturday was sheering day. with ten fleeces she was looking for folks who like wool. a family member had been to our festival, so she gave me a try.
as it would happen, i was in her area last weekend so decided to stop and meet her and her wool!
my photography skills stink, but this is emily and the bags of wool. she had them all set out on a table, with the name of the owner (sheep owner that is ) on top. i had the best time going round checking out the names when i realized i should really be checking the locks! so round i went again, fondling locks, exclaiming over the curls and colors .... i'm sure she thought i was loony. on the third pass, i decided that bobbi needed to come home with me.
this lamb fleece is as soft as can be and is that same color throughout. i'm eager to get this washed and start playing with it.
even in the rain and mist her flock was lovely. as soon as i find a minute, i'll be diving into this project! i know where the other nine bags are ;)


thecrazysheeplady said...

Ooh, pretty. And don't feel bad about "bad" photographs. Dark grays are the toughest!!! I love those curly fleeces :-).

Diane said...

Lincoln is so under-rated...it's a very nice wool. What are your plans for it?

Diane said...

Pretty little Bobbi got another bath...those curls just wanted to hang onto that lanolin.

I'm in the middle of a large white period, so it'll be a little bit before I get to play with with Bobbi some more!