Wednesday, September 12, 2012

sample knitting.... done!

so my sample knitting was hampered by the end of summer, beginning of fall. suddenly my knitting time was non-existent and my brain was full of too much life stuff. i made it almost to the end, realized that it wasn't right, kept on knitting somehow thinking that it would spontaneously correct itself. it didn't. so..... i ripped it out. ripping out two stranded knitting is a pain in the basket. you've just spent all that time twisting them together only to tug them apart and try to form two separate balls of yarn. yuck. on a positive note, the fiber held up beautifully ( although i don't think this would be my marketing strategy)
on the second try, i was successful. wove in the ends, gave it a hearty dunk in warm water then blocked it on a dinner plate.
 it's a beauty! i was worried that there was too much green in the handpaint to have it stand out, but i was wrong.....  yeah!!
hopefully amy will be pleased!!!

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