Friday, June 22, 2012

summer's here...

and i'm back to my summer spinning routine. watching the water (and water inhabitants) and spinning on the break wall.
it was hot. really really hot. so hot i had to put myself into the lake to cool down enough to keep spinning. i'm working on one of the bags that i got from ~stash stew~
i was explaining the concept to the sweet neighbor, and when she got that glazed look on her face, i finished the explanation quickly by saying it was from my fiber group. which really is true. i'm spinning a bit of everyone that contributed to the project, and that is pretty cool.
i wasn't sure if i liked it when i started. in the bag the fiber was lovely, but as i started spinning it just didn't grab me until i hit the second bobbin. when i ply it the yarn will be great.

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Diane said...

That looks so relaxing...wish I could join you!