Sunday, July 1, 2012

back and ready for the tour

just returning from a fabulous week of vacation. it is becoming an annual event to meet my family (and their families) at the shore. we each rent a house for the week and have all the fun that we can possibly have.
i take my wheel for some early morning spinning, and my knitting for the car ride and beach time. yes, i take wool to the beach. this year as i was strolling along in the surf i spotted cross-stitch being done in the sun. i'm not sure what it means, but in my mind it decreases my weirdness. the days were hot and sunny so we did lots of this..

the water was warm (by ocean standards) at a balmy 72. it was a perfect match for the 90+ heat of the day and the golden ball of fire in the sky. we shopped, ate lots of shore food, sipped sangria's and totally relaxed.   the sunrises were awesome, except that they arrived at
still, it was worth dragging out of bed to see dolphin tales and scenes like this.
as i was coming home, i realized that i needed to get my plan in place for the 'tour defleece'. the tour runs from the 1-22 of july, and dang-it if it isn't july first! i decided to go with my definition of exotics this year. i have several unique to my spinning story fibers and will focus on those.
the bright pink, blue and multi rovings on the right are merino pindrafted roving, next is a braid of targhee combed top, then bfl & tussah silk top and finally superwash merino and bamboo. in all about 27 ounces of fun.
so i'm off..... riding kind of slow today as i'm still recovering from all that vacation fun!


Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Oooo, your roving looks like so much fun! I'm having wool envy! I've been spinning despite the heat...just can't keep away from the wheel!

Diane said...

Very nice choices! I'm still having much fun stash diving for woven scarves on my vacation.

Diane said...'s the 11th and I see no progress pics!