Monday, June 4, 2012


when i got home from my maryland adventure, i was anxious to get spinning. life was frantic and demanded all of my attention, so it just didn't happen. i looked forward to having relatively undisturbed spinning at the shepard's market. i took my wheel, got some great fiber, started spinning and felt my wheel clunking. i had several spinners look at my wheel and decided to contact majacraft for advice. they were amazing! i received three responses and one of the suggestions resolved my problem. they even offered to send me the piece i needed. the challenge was keeping my patience as it traveled from new zealand...... by canoe!
the piece arrived today, and i'm back in spinning bliss! the biggest challenge is deciding what to do.

my poor wheel. it seems that it had suffered an injury while i was away. no one living in my house had any knowledge of the accident. no one. the most likely culprit just isn't talking. but i love her still

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