Thursday, June 7, 2012

early summer

i have been on a shawl knitting frenzy. i was late to the party with the lala knit-a-long, finally jumping on board and completing one in no time.
then amythefibergoddess pushed my off the bridge into shawl-wrap insanity! first, 198 yds of heaven, which turned into way more than 198 yds. then it was the traveling woman, then the afternoon tea shawl,  color affection, wingspan..... the list is growing.
i found yarn that was from my first spinners basket. the plan was to knit a sunrise circle sweater. big plans, not happening. I thought that the traveling woman shawl would be a perfect fit for this yarn. as i was blocking it, i noticed that bind off edge was very tight. so tight, that it snapped. i ripped it out and went several rows in, then re knit ending with a much nicer cast off. i re-blocked and couldn't be happier.
just perfect! i'm glad i found that yarn.


Meg said...

This shawl is beautiful!

thecrazysheeplady said...


Linda Monroe said...

Wow, this is gorgeous. A perfect weight for summer and what a wonderful shade of green.

Diane said...

Very nice! Are you bringing it tomorrow to show off?

Diane said...

Must be infectious: Wingspan is done, Color Affection is started (have gone up 3 sizes in needles and made calculations so that proportions stay the same), and have decided that the autumn orange for 198 Yards of Heaven.