Tuesday, May 29, 2012

long weekend

the summer season greeted us with a wicked heat wave! i sounded like an old woman commenting over and over that " i remember memorial day's when it snowed!" note to self..... stop it. now.

the yard is mowed, shrubs are trimmed, flowers planted, closets switched, it was a productive time. i even had a fiber day! joan and katherine spent the day sunday here with me playing with fiber.
when we were at maryland, joan and i suffered from 'fiber exposure' a common malady that involves the purchasing of fiber in all forms. our strain was limited to fleece. we had each purchased fleeces from mendenhall wool ranch ,yet still thought we needed more. so, together we hit the fleece sale and purchased a beautiful coopworth fleece to share. sunday was our sharing day.
it is a beauty. we also split a morrit fleece (actually it's the fleece from miles' mom judy) and then played with natalie, my black fleece...
there was still plenty of time for spinning
a fantastic way to spend the day!

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Diane said...

They are lovely-looking fleeces!