Sunday, April 8, 2012

new task

since returning from stella maris, i've been a spinning lunatic! i finished the fiber from sandy (already have a plan for it, so i know that i need more), and the fiber from liz -fuzzy bunny, and even some stash that got in my way. then i got a request from amythefibergoddess. she asked me to be a test spinner. yes, me..... a test spinner. i was delighted, even more so than when i'm asked to be a test knitter. so i waited anxiously for the fiber to arrive.
her newest creation. hand dyed, dark blue face leister roving that i'm calling is jewel. her request is simpler, she wants it spun to highlight the colors. sooooooo, i started by dividing it in half, then those halves in half. i spun these onto two separate bobbins to create a two-ply yarn with long stripes of color.
not to shabby! i was lucky that today the sun was shining and i could spin on the deck. the next challenge was navajo plying. i spun the singles into thread (or so it seemed) and then tried to keep those bands together.
with the remainder, i'm going to spin a chunky single and random two ply. unless i run out of fiber. we'll see.
the final piece, was cotswold roving dyed in orchids. she had it processed by acorn works and it was delightful to spin. very different from the bfl, but that's what keeps it fun!

so, now i've got to skein these up, get them washed and dried.

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