Monday, April 9, 2012

fun on the farm

i was fortunate to have the day free, so decided to check in with my fiber friends. since joan works the school calendar i thought we could play. it turned out that she was headed to longmeadow farm to visit sandy. what to do except invite myself along! everyone needs those kind of friends :)
it's a bit of a trek to get there, and i encountered all kinds of road work and detours. thankfully my garmin (carter) helped me find my way.
the yearlings were in the pasture waiting to greet visitors. these are the friendliest sheep you'd ever meet. joan started rubbing their heads, and patting their faces as they butted each other out of the way for some lovin!
then we went in to visit the babies. wendy is six weeks old and a handful....

she was not happy when we put her down and left the barn. i don't think that she will be a hold and cuddle girl much longer.
got some spinning done and a few more rows knit on my wrap, then headed home.

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Diane said...

Lamby cuddling! Too darn cute!