Sunday, March 25, 2012

stella maris

i'm just home from the weekend retreat known as 'stella maris'. i struggle to find the best words to explain what we do, the fun we have, how much we learn, and the touches of kindness that are shared. it starts on friday when the forty participants arrive. folks unload cars, find their beds and start spinning, knitting and chatting.
we were graced with a lovely evening for deck spinning, and the sunset over the lake was worth the effort to put on a fleece :)
we work late into the evening, finding our way to our beds giddy with the promise of another day of fiber.
food is catered, so everyone pitches in to set things out and clean up leaving lots of time to learn a new technique, walk about the grounds, or take a snooze, start a new project, or finished a current one. i finally cast off the 198 yds of hell heaven. i added rows to the body, sacrificing a bit of the edging.
i was the food transporter, so while out gather the lunch, brenda and sandy blocked it.....

it is an understatement to say how fantastic this came out! even with the glaring mistakes, once it was dry and on my shoulders, i was reluctant to take it off.
as with all wonderful things, ours came to an end sunday morning. but before i left, i received a lesson on drop spindling. i may have found yet another addiction :)


thecrazysheeplady said...

Oh, that turned out wonderful! What a nice retreat :-).

Linda Monroe said...

What a beautiful location and what a more beautiful creation you made while there. Sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy your new wrap!

Marmie said...

Took your picture of the shawl blocker into Home Depot today! I have the wood, 300 cup hooks, and wing nuts.

Finishing up my Lala and will be blocking by Monday!

I am so happy you posted a picture of it!