Saturday, April 21, 2012

the things we do for love

after stella maris, i was beside myself to get another '198yds of heaven' wrap cast on. i vacillated about the yarn, needles, recipient, and finally got going. i've said before, i'm a sequential project gal. i can never just knit one, i've got to do several! i chose denim blue cottswold from robin nistock's farm that i had spun last year on the tour-de-fleece. i've had the best time with this! i was close to finishing last week at the fiber frolic, so next my mind raced as to how i was going to block this beast.
i had an idea and my honey made it a reality. here's how it went. i started with a casual question about finding wood at loew's ( i think that being forced to spend time is loew's is equivalent to torture). it then progressed to what type i wanted, what was it for, could he do that, ..... you get the drift. before i knew it, my frame was together and i was screwing in the hooks. dimensions are 8 ft x 4 ft. it will live in the garage when not in use and i couldn't be happier.
the wrap is lovelier than i anticipated. 
and i have more yarn.

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Diane said...

I think I'll just design something from memory based on the frame you used at Stella Maris. How far apart are the hooks?