Tuesday, March 29, 2011

still not knitting

but at least i can spin! i pulled out 4 oz of merino that i found last year at maryland in the grapevine colorway. it was dyed by gales art and i have several more of her rovings in different fibers that i want to get spun. her stuff is such a pleasure to spin. i debated on how to ply it and finally chose to keep the colors banded together by navajo plying (3 ply) it seems i need to keep those skills practiced because it was a train wreck at first. i had singles all tangled together and needed to enlist the help of my very tolerant partner. the finished yarn is loverly, soft and will someday be knit into something fabulous.

the biggest challenge in my knittless state is filling the waiting times. i finally pulled some of the books that have been sitting in my que and putting in extra walking time out in the cold. the last snow storm and the growing pup have really been a bad combination. her training has now been officially handed over to her dad, because at 61# (and still growing) she is a strong handful. but every so dear!

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