Wednesday, March 23, 2011

time out

my fibery activities have been sidelined because of injury. it would seem that my elbow was not up to the feet of snow i shoveled and my growing young pup. it has been a little stiff and sore since the last snow clean, but the final straw was walking little miss rae. at eight months she is quite a handle full when we walk her. i must have endured one tooo many yanks, cause now i'm out.
i have been able to spin and that is keeping me from going into complete with drawl. i am also being smart and letting it rest/heal so that i can soon be back into my power knitting mode. and we live in hope that the snow will soon stop falling (just got 6 inches of slush).
so, i thought i update on allison's travels. allison is the gator bag that i crafted for my dear sister naughty. she accompanied us on our travels to boston, enjoying a macaroon in faneuil market.

some time with a soldier and of course, a lobster.

she is very social and seems to be having the time of her life.

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