Thursday, November 4, 2010


i've been slowly chugging away on my cardigan. i finally attached sleeves to body, counted a bazillion times and still had an extra stitch. as a mature knitter i said '#^*' it, and knit it in with another stitch on the next row. with 286 stitches, who'll notice?
then came the fair-isling. i realized that the last time i embarked on a project like this i had a companion doing the same thing. it does make the process less painful when you're in it with another player. and yet, i knit onward.
here's my progress...

it took me a bit to remember how to hold the yarn, have it follow and tuck it into the stitches. i'm getting eager to see this completed.

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Linda Monroe said...

Caroline - this is beautiful. I'm sure it's even more stunning in person. Great colors!