Friday, November 12, 2010

bump in the road

i should have known. there i was getting all big-in-the-britches and bam! life bit me in the bottom.
since the weather was all nice and warm today, i decided to put the storm windows down. well, one of the windows in this old house decided to crack as i was encouraging it back down. my finger took the hit. lacerated a chunk right off the top. no bending, no water, no..... nothing for 10-14 days.
at least my tetnus is now up to date.

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Linda Monroe said...

Oh Caroline, That looks painful! I hope you heal up nice and quick and good as new. What will you do during your recovery? I hope you have some good DVD's and books to read. Sounds like no crafting for a bit. Do they have medication to help with crafter addiction withdrawal???

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