Sunday, September 27, 2009

dear pansy

that cute little pansy, tempting me greatly while i was trying to finish the tour, finally got spun. the colors faded when spun with the green really becoming predominant. i was less than pleased with this fiber prep. there were alot of vegetation in the roving and it made for a messy spin. i think that constantly trying to pluck the stuff out made for uneven singles.
you can really see the differences in this pic. i'm anxious to see if other fiber that i've purchased from this farm have the same outcome. but for now, i needed a break from wool/mohair.
so i gave the stash a toss and found 8 ounces of romney lamb from maple ridge farm dyed in an autumnal colorway. it is b e a u t i f u l!! i regret only have the one batch. this was a 2008 rhinebeck purchase so i'll be on the look out for more of this left thumb had an encounter with a knife blade... really slows the spinning down!

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