Saturday, October 3, 2009

as the wheel turns

it would seem that the choices of a few wacky spinners, has opened another door for me. optimism has never been difficult for me. i will take the 'glass is half empty' stance, but usually because the other point deserves being heard. when i stepped into the vast abyss of spinnerdom, i took the 'what's the worst that could happen' approach. well, it seem that we've found out.
my house is getting too small.
considering the square footage that there is, i felt that when we completed our remodel.... i would always have way too much space, and i would not be a slave to my possessions.
that was pre-spin. now, there is fiber in every nook and cranny, items are assessed for their fiber storing potential, and now.... i'm rotating antiques to the garage to make room for this..

how lovely is that? a great wheel is now residing in my home. with all her working parts, my quest is to learn to spin on her. i'm hoping to get some pointers from the guild gals, since they are indirectly responsible. i was even asked by the clerk if i was 'really going to spin' with it. she seemed quite tickled when i replied that i was. and my long-suffering spouse is thrilled to have it living here. (okay, i'm exaggerating slightly.... but i did say i was optimistic)

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