Monday, September 7, 2009

so, i went to the fair...

and had a fabulous time! amythefibergoddess, won several awards with her fleeces. since i don't have many fair photos, i'll show you her prize winning wool!
spending the day spinning while the sheep are across the way chatting is delightful. i met two fellow spinners, in fact ann taught me how to navajo ply last year. we chatted about wool and all the cool things to see and do at the fair. i'm convinced i need to enter a skein next year.
it is also interesting to experience the addiction cycle. i came home with the name and website of a shepard in montana, with lincoln longwool sheep, convinced i need a fleece. you can see where that is going, right?
folks ask all the usual questions, 'what are you making?' 'can't you but it at a store?' 'is that what sleeping beauty pricked her finger on?' the guys are always into the engineering, the gals love the colors. i took that sassy pansy with me to spin, and it drew lots of comments. i'm almost done spinning the singles, so i'll have to decided what i'm doing next.
i may just wait and start something new from the festival!

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