Sunday, May 31, 2009

shepard's market

fiber, yarn, spinning, fabulous folks......must be the 2nd annual shepard's market. with ten vendors in a large room, the market is a 'must do' event. the large festivals have a special appeal with all the glamor and trekking about that a large venue requires. this event is an opportunity to connect with folks in a more intimate setting. amy~thefibergoddess, jess, and joan chatting and examining the sock.
joan bought a lamb-skin, curly locks and all.
we got her started on her first pair of socks. she was extremely patient with me. i want her to enjoy the process, feeling the thrill of each stitch.....the progress from cuff to leg, heel to toe.
she doesn't. love it. at all. she would do a round, then set it next to me. as it lay there tempting me to pick it up, knit a round. or two.
it was painful to resist, but i did manage to show restraint. i came home with all sorts of fiber. i'll get some pics in the sunlight to share.
can't wait til next year.

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