Tuesday, May 12, 2009

how does it relate?

so in my other life, my students are used to hearing me ask 'can you relate that to this class?' meaning that they bring up all sorts of things....., political issues, current events, the price of chicken, so they have to somehow make a correlation to our course material. it's funny watching them struggle with a simple request, but hey, i have to have some fun too.
that brings me to this.
friday was garage sorting day. as fascinating as that was, i got distracted. by a forwarded email that had this church pew (#4) on craigs list. my partner casually mentioned that it sounded like it would be good. good? that was all i needed to send me to the phone to call the seller. of course it was spoken for, however the longer i chatted with her, the more obvious it became that she wanted it gone....now. so in the car we hopped, and twenty minuted later i was the proud owner of pew#4.
i was certain that it would fit in my car. thankfully my partner was with me and slapped me with the silly stick. a ten foot, solid wood bench that weighs more than, well me! so a quick survey of everyone we knew that had a pick-up led me to a neighbor. he handed me the keys and home she came. some minor re-arranging of the furniture in the parlor, and in #4 came. it is beautiful! i have packed antique tubs and baskets with yarn and roving placing them under the pew. see.... i can relate it to fiber. here is the current project. merletto fingerless mitts.

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