Thursday, May 21, 2009

sheep shack

remember the B52's? come on, dancing at every party to the infamous 'love shack'? well, amy thefibergoddess, went and got herself one. and hers is truly a shack of love as it is full of ......
fiber!!! it sits ever-so-sweetly on her yard, beckoning the wool enthusiast to come in and browse. it even smells like wool! (you'll have to trust me on that one, i can't cyber-smells)
it was a potting shed that was very-gently used and needed a new home. she found it on my new favorite site.... craigslist. low and behold, it was just a short distance from her... fate you ask? no, it's the fiber goddess at work. soon she will be picking and displaying all kinds of woolly goodness.
i finished the merletto mitts. super easy pattern with a great 'wow' factor. may need to make more!

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