Saturday, May 9, 2009

i'm just a girl who can't say no...

to a yarn sale! cc and i headed off to pollywogs tent sale. it was a delightful day for a drive through the countryside . . . . sun shining,leaves just bursting and flowers everywhere.
scavengers, er.... yarnaholics, er.... shoppers where already in full swing when we arrived. there were bags and tables and boxes overflowing with fiber, yarn, and treats. we meandered and touched just about everything before we started filling those bags.the rice basket came home with me as did a ginormous amount of stash enhancing stuff. several bags of louet roving. spun it and loved it, so i needed more. i chose wool top and soy/wool blend and merino silk. why not try it all!
i found misti-alpaca lace, kraemer mauch chunky and brown sheep hand paint. to top it off, a few patterns.
ahhhhh, the sound of a happy stash!

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