Wednesday, December 24, 2008

twas the day before christmas

and all my knitting is done!
okay, that is a big fat lie.... but in my mind it's done. it was done, even those blasted bags that i agreed to knit/felt/finish at the last minute. in fact, here is the final batch

how cute are they? i can deliver those this evening then focus on the last holiday gift. a hat. well, it's really a tam from
my sister was telling me that with the latest winter storm and Arctic cold, her hats were mia ( which knowing my sister means that they are buried under a pile of stuff, never to see the light of day again) she was telling me that she got a pull on cap at wal-mart (bleck) .... could i make her one? this was monday. the 22nd. of december.
so of course i am. she'll get it on the needles in a bag tomorrow, but it is an entertaining knit and seem like it will go quick. i had some stash yarn, jo sharp tweed in blues and you add noro to give a fair-isle effect while only carrying the two yarns. the pattern forced me to finally learn the long-tail cast-on. what did we do without the internet and youtube? love the cast on and will be adding it in the rotation.
so, the cookies are baked, snowman is made, family is watching holiday shows.....
i can knit.

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