Sunday, December 7, 2008

open house, a road trip adventure

amy the fiber goddess, cc and i decided to attend longmeadow farms open house. sandy is a great gal who has a way with her fiber. her batts are lovely to spin, the colors delightful and unique. she does not replicate colors exactly. if you like it, you'd better get it all cause there won't be more!
so off we went...wheels, treats, coffee... we were set!

since freedom, ny was just a speck on the map, we had to get lost... i mean redirected. there was lots of snow...lots. the road was a path with cars parked in it. we suddenly found ourselves in a wind farm. and it was breathtaking. we stopped. shut off the car. listened and watched. they were graceful, spinning (get it) in the breeze. and it is those unexpected events that last.

we found sandy's shop.

charming! as was our hostess with soup, food, treats, spinning and fiber.... it gets no better than that!

yes, some came home! cc's holiday gift on the left, my treat on the right.
and we got home with nary a glitch!

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