Thursday, December 11, 2008

could i be done?

my holiday knitting is done. done. i'm still a little shocky. i keep thinking that i need to cast something else on, finish a row, work a pattern, but nope. it is done.
the sweater for mom is great! it went together well, although i was challenged in seaming garter stitch. i re-did a side twice before checking one of my few reference books. but there it was, clear, concise details on how to make it look good. i want her to wear it before we decide on front closures.
dan's hat is knit. i had a moment (well several actually)when i thought i was going to run out of handspun. i think the hat would have been in the dumpster. i want him to try it on before i give it the final bind-off.
with all those coupons flying around these days, i decided to expand my library. i often put books on my wish list, but never seem to get them. so while out and about i acquired these.... all with 50% off coupons.

nice. i'm enjoying browsing through dreaming of what creation to start next.

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