Thursday, December 18, 2008

never give it up

i was sitting in the waiting room of a providers office this week. it was a waiting room like none other i had been in. the ceiling was two stories high with tapestries and artwork displayed, the wood work was oak, the seating antique desks and benches with a few cushy chair tossed in. i was overwhelmed with all to look at. so i sat, and instead of immediately pulling out my yarn, i just sat. quietly. it was decadent. i had no thoughts in my brain, just the stillness of sitting. doing nothing. i'm not able to capture this sensation in my normal life. i can always feel the pull of some task left undone, or be pulled by someone needing my attention. it so reminded me of my yoga days, pregnant and non, when i just sat in the studio surrounded by peace. the tickling question now is how to put that back into my life. if only i had the peace to think that out!

soon i was reaching for the needles and yarn, casting on yet another mitten. they are so damn cute and so damn easy. i may fill the tree yet. i felt someone watching me and glanced up to see a women slightly older than me walking toward me. it was like she was drawn to me and nothing would block her path. she sat down and immediately started asking about my project, did i make my vest, how much i knitted and so on. she was completely focused on my yarn. she tole me that she had been a knitter, but upon returning to the workforce she had little time to spend on it. so she gave all her yarn and needles away. gone. i just stared at her. there must have been quite the look of shock on my face and she quickly explained that she needed the space and didn't want to keep moving stuff about. sadly, my turn arrived and we bid each other good day. my final words to her were to start knitting again, she smiled and said 'after seeing you, i just might'.

i can't imagine. no yarn. no needles. no fiber. when i got home, i hugged the stash!

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