Tuesday, March 7, 2017

it's march

I've been busy with so very many things and have lots to show for my fibery adventures. let's look at the past month.....The elf family is finished and living in their new home. I was able to find a ride for them and sent them along. Completely not the season, but they will be ready when the next holiday arrives.
I got another request for some hats and got lots of knitting done at piano lessons and the recital. Our guiding eyes for the blind puppy has progressed to the stage where she settles nicely for periods of time. She had been my companion at places where lots of knitting is getting done.
getting lots of knitting done while riding along with the learning driver. parallel parking- check, k-turn- check. a bit more road experience and road test is in the future. It was much easier second time around.
Finished the Miss Babs February weave-a-long embarrassed to admit that I never got it going until the end of the month. When I realized that I had less than a week to get it finished, I was motivated to finish it. The end product is even lovelier than I hoped for. I've worn it and find it very comfortable. The scarf from the last weave a long is too narrow and a bit short. I used one skein for the entire project and this time I used two. As soon as it come off I was itching to put another project on......
Amythefibergoddess had some odd sized skeins of tencel, so at the end of a dye day we tossed some color on them. I was anxious to try the new techniques that I learned at the guild program from Jaye and this was a perfect opportunity to try them out.
Jaye uses slats from mini blinds instead of paper on the back beam. I found them at Walmart in the correct width for under three dollars. The hardest part was pulling those dang things apart. I used every single one with this warp. The other piece of advice was how to tie the warp threads to the front beam.......
I borrowed Jaye's handy device to make the proper sized strings....
and it works like a dream. I've tried this in the past, but didn't completely understand the technique and really did need that handy dandy tool to measure the string. Not knowing how many I would need, I made 100. Yes, one hundred. I may have gotten carried away.
I finished this little wrap. The BLT scarf was a quick knit. I added the beads and they give it a nice touch. 
The Targetty scarf is zipping right along. I treated myself to the yarn when I was at the Artisan Market last month. The yarn is from the Walk Collection in Cosmic Chaos. Several years ago when we were vacationing in Cape Anne, I visited a yarn shop where I was introduced to this yarn. I wanted to see ( and touch) it in person and it took this long. I did not want this to settle into the stash, so I purchased the pattern and cast on. It is rolling right along, enough of a pattern to keep it interesting as I near the end.
There is more fiber on the wheel, the loom warped and ready to go and this scarf to finish. With these rainy days I hope to see much progress.

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Karen Haggas said...

In your own words: you are an over achiever!

Love everything! And the Targetty - Melanie Berg is a fav! Can't wait to see it finished. You continue to be my inspiration!