Sunday, March 12, 2017


Now that proper winter weather has returned, I'm eager to get things finished. I'm weaving along on the tencel shawl. That pretty much stays in place, so I tend to work on it when the light is good in the morning. With the time change, that will be afternoon so progress may slow down.
I've discovered a way to make  knitting on the Targetty fun. I'm at the point where there are over 300 stitches and the repetition of the pattern is slaying me. How you ask, did I make it fun?
by visiting microbreweries! Now I'm a wine gal through and through, so there has been a learning curve with this. My partner has wanted to do the happy hour at 3 brother's brewery at the mall. Last week we finally made our schedules work and had a delightful time sharing a flight. We chatted, sipped a variety of brews and I even got a dinner out! We enjoyed it so much we tried another today..
Twisted Rail brewery on Canandaigua Lake. Locals will remember it as the Maur House next to Roseland Park. As you can see, I'm making progress on this baby. We shared a flight of dark beer ( my favorite) and both agreed that we preferred the selections at 3bro's. This may become a weekly outing. Flights are about $7 and it's plenty for us to share. Today we could sit in the wintery sun and look out at the rolling lake. And while my partner was all relaxed and agreeable, I negotiated help with this...
Finally finished the sheep pillow that I started on the way home from Maryland. I just didn't like any of the pre made pillow forms, so I bought a pillow. It was a tich big (like way toooo big) so I needed another set of hands to stitch it.
how dear are those little wooly creatures?
Done and on the bench.