Thursday, February 2, 2017

Groundhog day

 February is officially here and I'm still waiting for winter. I love a good old-fashioned snow storm that lasts for days leaving lots of white snow... enough to romp in, go sledding, coat the yard white. So far this winter has been a bust. Yes, we've had a few snowy moments, but mostly mud. There are 12 paws that live in my house and that means lots of floor mopping. It's enough to drive someone to knit! I've reverted to knitting elves. again. I just can't stop. Such a quick and easy project to do ... and such a nice gift. My sister commented many times over our family celebration how much she would love to have one. Really, one? I'm well on my way to having another family done.
This is some lovely yarn, I think it's Malabrigo worsted, that I won in the recent guild auction. No tag and already in a ball it was perfect for an elf. and to save my sanity. As we entered the new year, my dishwasher (love it like a child) started to make some funky noises and was missing some spots. I took it apart, cleaned filters, ran the cleaner..... all with limited success. Mentioned it in passing to my partner and soon found myself trapped visiting stores to compare modes. We (and I use this term loosely) decided that it would be a simple homeowner project to swap them out.
All was going well until we discovered that the mounting brackets did not line up with the existing holes in the counter top. The granite counter top. Five drill bits later it should be finished tonight. Then the screws need to set for 24 hours and washing can resume. My hands are never good in the winter and this has just about sent them over the edge. I will say that every family member has taken many turns in the dishpan, and we can't wait to get this new one going!
Back to the fiber for sanity philosophy. I decided to join in the Miss Bab's weave-a-long.
Snagged some great Yummy 2-ply in Maryland this year so this was a perfect reason to warp the loom. Sadly this picture does not show the lovely colors of the yarn, so I'll get a better one soon.
This is an accurate picture of the yarn that I'm casting on next. Got a knitting request from my cousin. I love when someone in my family asked for a knitted item. She wants a bright pink hat, well really she wants two.... one for her and one for her daughter. I had no bright pink in the stash and could not find any online. Thank goodness for amythefibergoddess. We dyed several skeins and I snagged the two brightest. Can't wait to cast these on!

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