Thursday, June 5, 2014

On the road....

My cousin is getting married in Glouster, Massachusetts, and as we were making lodging arrangements (in January ) it made sense to stay longer and rent a house.
The internet is an amazing thing, and we found a lovely house on the harbor. It's in a great location, just a short drive to all the wedding events, plus there are lots of beaches, seaside villages and shops.
I've been knitting almost nonstop, the Age of brass and steam is a mindless knit, but the color changes have made it addicting. I keep going just to see what transition is next. I finished the written instructions and still have six balls of yarn, so onward I go. I've dragged this to very sunset, through the streets of Boston on the freedom trail and up the coast to New Hampshire ( don't ask, it was a crazy 'let's see where this road leads' moment).
Yesterday as I sat with my tea, watching the fog and rain roll in, there was that moment when I decided I may just finish this wrap. Seriously. So, as we went on our adventures, I kept the address of the local yarn shop tucked in my iPad, just in case. Late in the afternoon, when everyone's defenses were low, I suggested we stop...... Just for a look around. You all know what happened, it was a great store! I can't say how long I spent, but I walked every aisle, touched lots of yarn, and had a big chat with Heidi... The gal who was minding the shop. We compared projects, she supported my yarn choices and even gave me the idea for my next project. She had just finished windward and gave me her remaining yarn. Gave it to me. Fiber folk......there's nothing like them! I got on ravelry and bought the pattern. As fate would have it, I brought my ball winder along. I may just get everything ready..... Who am I kidding..... I'll probably cast this on today!

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