Wednesday, June 11, 2014

i had to eat my words.....

after all my dire predictions of cold, damp, nasty weather for our beach wedding..... this was the scene. the perfect, absolutely perfect day for a wedding. it was sunny, about 80 degrees with a light breeze drifting from the ocean. in my defense, two days before on this beach it was 60 and raining, but the fates were shining on this couple. my medusa was really more of a sun-blocker than anything else....
the evening was lovely, great food, a live band that played super dance music, sweet speeches and lots of love.
i did cast on the windward..... how could i not?
it was just the project to take to the beach. my age of brass and steam is finished and blocking, so it seems that i just needed a little break to keep myself going. this scene was gloucester harbor. i was amazed that so much of the waterfront was devoted to parks and easily accessible. well, maybe not that easy. we hiked like goats up the rocks and discovered park benches that looked out to sea. it was the perfect spot to sit and knit.
this was the opposite side of the harbor, just outside the door of our house. when the tide was out, you could walk way out in the wetlands. the week exceeded all our expectations for a vacation. we had such a great time.... definately going back!

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Linda Monroe said...

How fortunate we were. I too was thinking shawls & jackets, but none were needed.

Thanks so much for celebrating with us. I'm so glad you had a nice week.