Monday, June 16, 2014

fiber optic yarns

when amy and i first saw the sample of this wrap in the fiber optic booth at maryland, i knew i would do one. there was just something about it..... colors, fabric, yarn-fumes..... could have been anything. with amythefibergoddess along to push nudge me, i was a goner. it was the first time that kimber baldwin had the gradient yarns. in the clear packages, these just called out to be purchased. we each bought one and amy knit hers up right away. i'm not sure why, but mine sat for a year. when i was organizing after this years trip, i found the yarn and set it out to knit. this was the perfect project to take in the car and on the trip. it stayed small, and the color changes kept me interested.
the pattern was altered only by adding in more rows to use all the yarn. i did get a tad nervous near the end, wanting to have enough vs. knitting it all. i had 4 feet of yarn left (and i even did a fancy-pants cast off)
i thought there was just a bit of color pooling in the berry and purple areas with the transitional yarn. if you look close you can see it.... i'm going with the idea that it adds dimension. this is one large kerchief. thank goodness the yarn is super soft, so it will drap nicely. as an added bonus, with those colors, i will be easy to spot in a crowd.
this is the first yarn from the hansen spinner. it was a 4 ounce bag of 'odds & ends' from Into the Whirled that i purchased ages ago. i loved the idea of wee little bits of different fibers and colors spun up and plyed together. my only frustration was trying to identify the fiber base. there were some i loved, some i liked less and it would have been great to know what they were. it is a lot of yarn. i have another bag that is very similar that i may just need to spin.
so, i'm knitting away on the windward wrap, and planning what i need to spin next!

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