Friday, March 14, 2014

winter wonderland

hopefully winter has made it's last major impact on my life. i loved being inside, soup on simmer, my family all safe and sound......... but work is all topsy turvy. i think i've got it figured out and all will be well.
so with the snow days, i had fiber fun! i'm working on the second zuzu petals. i am making great progress, the pattern is getting very familiar and i'm not sick of it yet. considering i've got to make at least one more..... that is a very good thing.
here are the two bobbins that i've spun for amythefibergoddess. i'm following the path that the yarn harlot took when she made one from amy's fiber. i hope i stayed consistent spinning these babies. one is just 0.2 ounces more that the other. there are long block of color and the inside looks like this:
after they sit a bit on the bobbin, i'll start plying. actually right after the photo shoot, one rolled off the balcony and into a snow drift. so it will need to dry off ;)
finished and blocked? it'll look like this.....

yea.... got a few more in me.

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