Monday, March 24, 2014

open house at longmeadow farm

bright and early saturday morning, my car was filled with fiber friends as we made our way to freedom, ny for sandy' s open house. it's about a two hour drive from home, and i wanted to get there early to enjoy a day of lams, fiber and food! what more could anyone ask for?
the wool room was full of amazing colors and textures.....
sandy had been busy with yarn and a trip to the mill. she offered some -not to be missed- specials, so i got shopping. in the past, i've chatted and slowly made my way into the shop, not this year! i didn't want to be sitting there, disappointed that i missed out. i had lots of help filling my basket.... well it was really her sink.....
but fill it i did. i got just over a pound of two different colorways, and a small bump for the 'just in case' part of the stash. that little maple leaf on the shelf? yep, fresh maple syrup. sandy's daughter and her family have started making maple syrup. that's some of the first batch that they did. i've got it hidden tucked away in a safe spot to drizzle over something yummy.
it was wonderful to see old friends, and meet new folks. we visited, spun and ate a wonderful lunch. it really is one of my favorite events of the year.
we eventually made our way out to the barn to meet all those sweet babies that miles was busy making.....
this little darling would not stop asking for love. when i moved my hand to take the picture, she climbed up the pen after me. her fleece was sooooo soft. miles did a good job!
now i'll have to decide what fiber makes its way onto my wheel.

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