Friday, March 21, 2014

tick tock

when amythefibergoddess asked me to test spin & knit for her booth display, i quickly agreed and followed it with a not so gentle reminder that time was a wasting! tick-tock. well, she's not let me live that one down.

we spent tuesday out in the barn painting yarn......lots and lots of yarn.
she has such a great eye and always seem to have her finger on the pulse of what is trending for colors. me, i'm all about what will make me happy, so when she asks my opinion i have to remind her that i'm just the apprentice, she is the master ;)

amazing colors. restful, season less and oh so soft!
i'm still slogging away on the sample..... for the beaver lake fiber show...... in two weeks... tick tock!

1 comment:

Sheepmom said...

Beautiful colors. She does have the eye. I'm sure 'tick tock' was meant to be helpful but it would have gotten a squinty eyed look from me, too. ;-)