Thursday, April 4, 2013

knitting deadline

i've been working on a project for amythefibergoddess. with the new season of shows, events and festivals beginning, she asked me to help with the display items. it is one of my favorite times of the year! new fibers, new projects, and really good reason to spin and knit...... bliss. i've been captivated by the ombre fiber, yarn and patterns and the love affair it still going strong. i can see the end of the current radiance and this one will be a shawl ( vs. shawlette) in english? many. many more rows.
i'm down to the final section repeat, them i'll just have to complete the leaves. i have just over a week to get this done and blocked, and normally i wouldn't be anxious.... but amy asked me to block another display item. a lovely holden shawl that a friend 'knit up in no time'.....
yeah, i'm feeling the need to get mine done!

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