Sunday, April 7, 2013

i was so close....

just back from a fantastic spinning retreat. from friday to sunday, all fiber..... all the time. there was spinning and knitting and all sorts of needlework. there was also food, fun and drinks... and my fabulous fiber peeps.
i learned how to knit from a silk cap~
a technique that has intrigued me since i read about it on the yarn harlot's blog. there is no spinning involved, just a careful separation of silk layers, fiber loosening and knitting. i think my initial pair is big, so i'll start another. but now i know how ( thanks diane :)
i also worked tirelessly (okay, really it's chatted and sipped wine) on the radiance. i have only made the shawlette and i really forgot how much more time you need to complete each row when there are five million sitches ;)
i finished the last row saturday night and started the leaves. i was giddy with excitement that the end was near.
sunday i sat down with a cup of tea and kept knitting leaves. it soon became apparent that i was not going to have enough yarn. i set it down, looked at all the fiber folks around the table and sighed. i knew that i had to spin more yarn, i knew that i was on a crazy deadline, i knew that i should not knit another stitch.... but i hope that they could all reassure me it was fine.
it was not.....
so, over to wheel i went and i've got the plum spun. i get it washed and dried and hopefully be knitting by tuesday.
i will make it!


jacknits said...

very cool on the sock!! I must have missed that post. love the radiance,can't wait to get some fiber from amy!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

I can't believe you got that close. Sigh. I too fell in love with the silk mittens...but haven't busted out my hankies yet. That would be a great summer challenge!

Diane said...

I'll let you know in a few days, but it looks promising that I'll make that deadline, too!