Monday, March 25, 2013

GW 2013

Last weekend was our annual 'girls weekend' adventure. it started 19 years ago with my sweet cousin linda, herding us all together in ithaca for a weekend of chatting, shopping, eating, laughing and being together. there were originally ten of us: my mom, four sisters, three cousins and my niece, and we have remained committed to keeping this tradition intact. we've met pregnant, nursing babies in tow, injured, we just make it happen. some years we all come, some years it's only part of the gang. this year we had five gals, and picked a destination midway to most..... the berhshires. linda was again our point person, finding us a cabin in the woods.
now, if i'm going to the berkshires of massachusetts, i'm squeezing in a visit to webs! that was our first stop on friday. i had my list in hand and a set time limit ( which completely went out the window when my sister came along ) and a plan.
i needed straight needles ( found them ) and i wanted to touch some madelintosh yarn ( two hanks jumped into my basket ) then i was off to the freia handpaints. i have made that radiance shawl twice, and really wanted to find the exact yarn that was called for. before i knew it, two of those were in the basket. finally i was off to the warehouse.
it has changed over the years, but still holds a world of possibilities. my sister was tagging along, asking questions, fondling yarns and knocking the heck out of the time limit. as we left, she looked at me and told me that she gets it. she gets the addiction to color, texture, creatively planning the project then making it happen. it was cool!
we found the cabin in the woods and enjoyed doing those requirements for gw. i set my wheel up and was soon spinning away ( yes, i took it with me)
i had a spinning project to complete for amythefibergoddess, and it was beyond wonderful to spin with all the snow and trees just outside the windows. i not only completed the project, but got alot of spinning done just for fun.
i'm not sure what adventure next year will bring, but it will be fabulous!

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