Friday, September 2, 2011

today found me doing my annual 'spin at the fair' day. the new york state fair is fortunate to have a wool room, which is a small free-standing building across from the sheep barns, that houses all the things done with fiber. spinners spin, knitters knit, weavers weave.... well  you get the just. volunteers come in daily for 4 hour shifts to demonstrate the art. today was my day! it's now becoming a tradition that the family tags along and has fun fair-going while i'm engaged, then we meet up and play for the rest of the day.
i was seated with three gals that i recognised from last year, and away we went. near the end of my shift, a dear man stood and watched the process tirelessly. he was so interested in the mechanics of the process, and picked up fine details that i struggled to explain. talk about being challenged! my fellow spinners jumped into the discussion and soon we were turning wheels around, taking bobbins off, and having a fine time with explaining all the gadgetry!
i was soon off to get my 25 cent milk (i can put away milk!) and then the $1 baked potato. i know it sounds like i'm beyond frugal, but they are my favorite fair items and worth every penny. i looked at baskets (passed them by, i'll wait until rhinebeck) and found another summer dress. (if i tell that i got it for $15, i'll really look like a cheap-skate :)
we made it to the sand sculpture. words are inadequate to express the simplicity and beauty of the tribute to the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

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