Sunday, September 4, 2011

short rows

if ever you see that phrase in your knitting adventures, don't be fooled! it does not mean that the rows are short, it means that row you are working on is getting longer and will end in a shorter row that what you started with when you cast on a bazillion stitches!
it is all garter stitch and great for knitting, but i've got to tell you it is a long row....
this picture does show the subtle variation in the wool.... it is lovely. i'm super happy with the yarn, amy has another winner on her hands!
yesterday as i prepared to say good-bye to summer, i realized that i needed to get that fleece (purchased in may at msw) washed. i had wanted to wash and dye the locks, then hand card it. unfortunately i ran out of time in my life. it washed up beautifully and i had only a handful that was full of vegie material. i'm going to card that separately to see if i can get it out.

the very best part of having a hot tub is that it is a perfect place to dry wool. nice and warm on the underside, up off the ground and far away from sniffing doggies! i was really surprised at the color variety i have going on here. there is silver, brown, very dark brown and grey. it is bagged and to the garage for storage.
i found some cool knitting notions while out and about. i needed to use that 50% coupon at joanns and came home with these....

triangle stitch markers in xs-s-m. i had several coupons and traveled with shoppers. they are made by clover and are the same hard plastic as others, but i love the shape. i may need to cast on another large project, with lots of lace panels to try them out with :)

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