Sunday, September 18, 2011

fiber festival - day 2

i had such a blast yesterday! the very best part was catching up with old friends! i chatted with several fiber folks that i haven't seen in years, and it was just like we had spoken the day before. fiber folks.... the best.
i made time to visit the skein & garment display where my prize winning items were. woohoo!
my entry for handspinners basket won first prize and i received the award for best handspinners basket.
this was the first fiber i had ever purchased from sandy long. shades of greens, beautifully prepared, i could hardly wait to get it home to spin it. in 2008. took me until this spring to get it onto my wheel. i saw a wrap that i loved and then re-discovered this fiber. my goal is to get it onto the needles soon (not in three more years)
i had also gone rummaging in the closet for one of those many hats i made last winter. i found one, steamed it and entered it. so when those winter winds blow, someone will be wearing a prize winning garment to shovel the drive!

as always the weekend passed much to quickly and i didn't get to see nearly enough. i'm already excited for next year.

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